Loobielou (lavendersblue) wrote in xtrememetaluk,

For Sale

7" 's for sale:

Benediction - Experimental Stage * open to serious offers
Hermaphrodit - Chliurglcky Rez Zhmlsanym Lunem Rodldla
Itnos - Christ Mary Bitch
Nocturnus - Posess the priest * open to serious offers
Vomiturition - Flesheater Musicians on Their Last Supper"
Nocturnal Worshipper - Cerimonial Circle
Anal-Massaker - Freedon of Choice ???
As Prophecies - Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
Cerecloth - Entrusted In An Oaken Legend
A Mind Confused - Out of Chaos Spawn
Maniac Butcher / Dark Storm (split) *open to serious offers
Offense - Shining Dawn
Defaced Creation / Aeternum (split) * open to serious offers
Anubi - Sucemus Skambes
Vacuum / Hypnotic Scenery
Obfuscation - Swansongs
Entity - The Payment EP
 Blind Jesus - Lift to Obsession
Shadows Toward My Sky - Forever lost my dying Love

Everything apart from the ones open to offers are £5 each (including P&P)

For more information such as details of condition etc or any questions..just ask!

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